Wings 'n Things

Hot Breaded Chicken Wings
CODE: 82105
Fully Cooked
Pinty's Honey Garlic Wings
CODE: 82126
2kg bag
Fully Cooked
Glazed Chicken Wings
CODE: 82110
78-95ct - 4kg box
Fully Cooked
BBQ Wings
CODE: 451
2 x 2kg box
Fully Cooked
Teriyaki Wings
CODE : 445
Fully Cooked
Bunch O'Crunch Popcorn Chicken
CODE : 42101
Jane's Mozza Sticks
CODE : 6010
Pinty's Chicken Bites
CODE : 81401
128 pieces 4kg bags Fully Cooked
Boneless Dry Garlic Ribs
CODE : 42502
Bone-in Seasoned Dry Garlic Ribs
CODE : 949
4.5kg/box Fully Cooked
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