Sweet Treats

Banana Bread To Go
CODE : 77
32 x 90g

Individually wrapped, our banana bread slices are moist, delicious and inspired by our home-style recipe. Made with real bananas!
Buttertart Bar
CODE : 77
12" x 16" sheet

Plump sun baked raisins, crunchy walnuts, sweet tropical coconut sit atop a rich, flaky shortbread base, and is finished with a golden brown caramelized topping.
Deep Dutch Brownie
CODE : 81
12" x 16" sheet

Moist and chewy, dark fudge brownie loaded with walnuts and covered with a decadent chocolate icing.
Nanaimo Bars
CODE : 74
48 pieces 12" x 16" sheet scored

Always the 'Original' recipe - chocolate graham crumb base, creamy custard filling, topped with a milk chocolaty coating.
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