Treat 'pop to a special breakfast or brunch this Father's Day.  Add some eggs and a strong coffee - you're all set!


Package includes:

• ~2 kg piece of our Nossack European Back Bacon

• 2.26 kg bag of Tuscan Herb Seasoned, Small Diced Potatoes

• a 10" Cookies & Cream Cake (14 slices)


What can you make with Nossack's European Back Bacon? Lots! 

  • Eggs Benny
  • Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Breakfast Hash
  • Dice + add to soup or salads
  • It's the perfect ingredient to let your creativity shine!

Father's Day Brunch

  • Cookies & Cream Cake Details

    This cookie lover's dream starts with two chewy chocolate brownie layers with cream cheese and broken soft center chocolate cookies folded into the batter and surrounding mousse. The center of this domed cake is filled with a mound of milk chocolate ganache and then covered with a cookie mousse. The cake’s edges are surrounded with dark chocolate fudge and the top is sprinkled with more broken cookie bits and dark chocolate drizzle. Everything is finished with a skirt of white and dark candy bits. YUM!


    Allergens: WHEAT, EGG, MILK, SOY

  • Seasoned Potatoes Info

    Tuscan Herb Seasoned, Small Diced Potatoes

    Exceptionally Crispy and Bold-Flavoured!

    Cooking Instructions:  Oven Temp: 220°C /425°F Cook Time: 20 -22 min

    Allergen: WHEAT

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